Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What are we learning in October?

Image result for nonfictionIn Reading we will be focusing on reading non-fiction texts. Students will be asked to find key ideas and summarize the texts. They will integrate information from multiple texts on the same topic. 

Image result for decimalsIn Math we will be learning all about decimals. We will learn how to read and write decimals and how to add and subtract decimals using models. 

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In Writing we will be integrating information from non-fiction texts to write informative essays and opinion articles. 

Image result for energy types

In Science will continue to work with force and motion. Students will also learn about energy types and sources. 

Image result for american revolution people
In Social Studies we will continue to learn about the many events that lead to the American Revolution. We will focus on specific people that were involved in the Revolution and their point of view of the events. 

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