Friday, March 4, 2016

What we are learning in March!

In Reading we are focusing on non-fiction text structure. Students will be able to identify the structure the author used and compare it to other structures. They will do this by using signal words and graphic organizers to help them understand the text. 

In Writing we will be writing opinion essays on who should be the next president. Students will collect information about each candidate and use that information to argue why their choice is the best choice for president. We will also be writing informative paragraphs with different text structures based on science topics. 

In Math we will continue to work with multiplication of fractions and dividing whole numbers and unit fractions. 

In Science we will explore light and astronomy. 

In Social Studies we will learn about Westward Expansion and changes in transportation and technology during that period of American history. 

- MSA Science Testing March 14th and 15th
- Family Life Education March 21st - March 23rd 
- Spring Break March 24th - April 3

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